Marketing with its ever-growing, ever-changing definition, as well as changes within the environment it is daunting to any business of where/how to start.

Let us help you define your brand identity, what message are you showing your customers, is everyone in your company on the same page or even font?

Image is what will get you noticed, is yours clear? is your website up to date? Is your social media current (do you even belong on social media and if so is it the right one?)? Have you stepped back looked at your company as a client would?.

Define your offerings, by just throwing a bit of this and that together will not get you noticed. You know your product inside and out, let us help you communicate it.

Placing an advert or notification in a paper with a great offer is nothing, unless its market is talking to your market. Advertising salespeople are great at convincing you about their product and why you should advertise with them, but, they are not interested in your product only the revenue.

Purple Fluffy Fish works with you to assist your business, works out a plan that suits your business and ensures it is all done, timeously, within budget, with the right people.




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